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3xM More Message in the Media

3xM shares the Gospel in Africa and Asia through Evangelical TV-programs. 

Hope for girls in West Africa

Friday 05 September 2014 11:55 There are girls in various West African countries who would really like to lead
a chaste life and do not want to sell their body for a bit of money. full story

Conquering fears with God!

Thursday 04 September 2014 14:49 We receive testimonies from various countries in West Africa. They really encourage us and always show us that we are blessed with the work which we are allowed to do. full story

God doesn’t turn His back on me!

Tuesday 25 February 2014 13:56 Gabriel tells us: “Some time ago I watched an episode of Miel Mortel about HIV/Aids on television." full story

Training in Indonesia

Monday 14 October 2013 11:54 Last week, one of our trainers visited our local partner in Indonesia to develop a new television program. full story

Christian programs in Burkina Faso

Monday 14 October 2013 11:30 Christian television programs will again be broadcasted on Channel 3 in Burkina Faso (West Africa). full story

Good meetings with partners South Asia

Wednesday 18 September 2013 11:31 Last week the talks with our partners from South Asia took place in Dubai. We thank God that our partner’s health is improving. full story

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